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State Training Centers, The Special Joint Subcommittee to Consult on the Plan to Close

  • Description: The Special Joint Subcommittee to Consult on the Plan to Close State Training Centers shall continue to conduct a review of the assumptions behind the cost and cost savings of implementing the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) settlement agreement including but not limited to a review of the cost of providing care in the state intellectual disability (ID) training centers and in the community and an explanation of the difference in costs.A joint subcommittee of the House Appropriations and Senate Finance Committees, in collaboration with the Secretary of Health and Human Resources and the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services, shall continue to monitor and review the closure plans for the three remaining training centers scheduled to close by 2020. As part of this review process the joint subcommittee may evaluate options for those individuals in training centers with the most intensive medical and behavioral needs to determine the appropriate types of facility or residential settings necessary to ensure the care and safety of those residents is appropriately factored into the overall plan to transition to a more community-based system. In addition, the joint subcommittee may review the plans for the redesign of the Intellectual Disability, Developmental Disability and Day Support Waivers.
  • Report Date: The quarterly reports shall be submitted (by the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services) to the joint subcommittee 20 days after the close of each quarter with the first report due 10/20/2015 and every three months thereafter.
  • Staff Contact:

    Susan Massart, House Appropriations Staff, 804-698-1590

All members appointed by Chair of House Appropriations . Appointment coincident with House term.
House Members:
The Honorable Riley E. Ingram
The Honorable R. Steven Landes
The Honorable T. Scott Garrett
The Honorable Mark D. Sickles
All members appointed by Chairman of the Senate Committee on Finance. Appointment coincident with Senate term.
Senate Members:
The Honorable Emmett W. Hanger Jr.
The Honorable Janet D. Howell
The Honorable Stephen D. Newman
Vacancy (Alexander, The Honorable Kenneth C.) Chairman of the Senate Committee on Finance  
Membership and Term Information:
Max # House: 4 Appointment Coincident With House Term? YES
Max # Senate: 4 Appointment Coincident With Senate Term? YES
Max # Citizens: 0
Max # Ex Officio: 0
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