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House General Laws

    House Standing Committee
  • Description: Considers matters concerning alcoholic beverage sales and licensure requirements; emblems of the Commonwealth; cemeteries; conflicts of interest, except those concerning members of the judiciary or the legal profession; consumer affairs; fire protection; Freedom of Information Act; Public-Private Partnership Act; housing, to include the Landlord-Tenant Act, Condo Association Act, and Property Owners Associations; inter- or intra-government relations, including inter- and intra- state compacts and agreements; libraries; gambling, to include lotteries, casino and pari-mutuel wagering; professions and occupations, except the health and legal professions; organization of state governmental bodies (agencies, boards, departments, etc); veterans' affairs; and matters not specifically referable to other committees.
  • Workgroups:

  • Staff Contact:

    Ashley Binns, Division of Legislative Services, 804-698-1812

All members appointed by Speaker of the House. Appointment coincident with House term.
House Members:
The Honorable James A. (Jay) Leftwich Jr., Chair
The Honorable Thomas C. Wright Jr., Vice Chair
The Honorable Barry D. Knight
The Honorable Roxann L. Robinson
The Honorable James W. (Will) Morefield
The Honorable Hyland F. (Buddy) Fowler Jr.
The Honorable Emily M. Brewer
The Honorable William C. Wampler III
The Honorable Wendell S. Walker
The Honorable Chris Runion
The Honorable Carrie E. Coyner
The Honorable David L. Bulova
The Honorable Betsy B. Carr
The Honorable Luke E. Torian
The Honorable Kathleen J. Murphy
The Honorable Marcia "Cia" S. Price
The Honorable Paul E. Krizek
The Honorable Dawn M. Adams
The Honorable Schuyler T. VanValkenburg
The Honorable Danica A. Roem
The Honorable Clinton L. Jenkins
Vacancy (Campbell, The Honorable Jeffrey L.) Speaker of the House  
Membership and Term Information:
Max # House: 22 Appointment Coincident With House Term? YES
Max # Senate: 0 Appointment Coincident With Senate Term? YES
Max # Citizens: 0
Max # Ex Officio: 0
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