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Tax Preferences, Joint Subcommittee to Evaluate

  • Description: To oversee the evaluation of Virginia's tax preferences, including but not limited to tax credits, deductions, subtractions, exemptions, and exclusions.
  • Report Date: Annually, Report to General Assembly by the first day of regular session.
  • Staff Contact:

    Lisa Wallmeyer,Division of Legislative Services,
    Connor Garstka, Division of Legislative Services,
    House Committee Operations, (804) 698-1540

All members appointed by Speaker of the House of Delegates, upon recommendations of the Chairman of the Finance Committee & Chairman of the Appropriations Committee. Appointment coincident with House term.
House Members:
The Honorable Benjamin L. Cline
The Honorable Timothy D. Hugo
The Honorable S. Chris Jones
The Honorable Mark L. Keam
The Honorable Robert D. Orrock Sr.
The Honorable R. Lee Ware, Chair
The Honorable R. Steven Landes
The Honorable Richard C. (Rip) Sullivan Jr.
All members appointed by Senate Committee on Rules. Appointment coincident with Senate term.
Senate Members:
The Honorable Richard L. Saslaw
The Honorable Emmett W. Hanger Jr.
The Honorable Jill Holtzman Vogel
The Honorable Bryce E. Reeves
The Honorable Rosalyn R. Dance
The Honorable William R. DeSteph Jr.
Membership and Term Information:
Max # House: 8 Appointment Coincident With House Term? YES
Max # Senate: 6 Appointment Coincident With Senate Term? YES
Max # Citizens: 0
Max # Ex Officio: 0
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