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House Communications, Technology and Innovation

    House Standing Committee
  • Description: Considers matters relating to technology applications and uses other than those proposed or used to support the operations of the General Assembly, including, but not limited to, matters relating to technology, engineering, or electronic research or development; related policies, standards, measurements, or definitions; or the scientific, technical, or technological requirements of state government, except for those affecting the operations of the General Assembly.
  • Staff Contact:

    Nikhil Edward, Division of Legislative Services, 804-698-1865

All members appointed by Speaker of the House. Appointment coincident with House term.
House Members:
The Honorable C. E. (Cliff) Hayes Jr., Chair
The Honorable Irene Shin, Vice Chair
The Honorable Alfonso H. Lopez
The Honorable Jeion A. Ward
The Honorable Nadarius E. Clark
The Honorable Jackie Hope Glass
The Honorable Holly M. Seibold
The Honorable Michelle Lopes Maldonado
The Honorable Rozia A. Henson Jr.
The Honorable Michael J. Jones
The Honorable Karen Keys-Gamarra
The Honorable Fernando J. Martinez
The Honorable Joseph P. McNamara
The Honorable M. Keith Hodges
The Honorable Kimberly A. Taylor
The Honorable A.C. Cordoza
The Honorable Thomas C. Wright Jr.
The Honorable Nicholas J. Freitas
The Honorable Howard Otto Wachsmann Jr.
The Honorable Timothy P. Griffin
The Honorable Mark L. Earley Jr.
The Honorable Ian T. Lovejoy
Membership and Term Information:
Max # House: 22 Appointment Coincident With House Term? YES
Max # Senate: 0 Appointment Coincident With Senate Term? YES
Max # Citizens: 0
Max # Ex Officio: 0
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