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Certificate of Public Need Reform, Joint Working Group on

  • Description: Joint House and Senate Working Group on Certificate of Public Need Reform
  • Staff Contact:

    Hobie Lehman, Senate Committee Operations,

All members appointed by Speaker of the House. Appointment coincident with House term.
House Members:
The Honorable Robert D. Orrock Sr., Chairman, House Committee on Health, Welfare and Institutions
The Honorable Kathy J. Byron
The Honorable T. Scott Garrett
The Honorable Christopher P. Stolle
Vacancy (O'Bannon, The Honorable John M. , III) Speaker of the House  
All members appointed by President Pro-Tempore, Senate of Virginia . Appointment coincident with Senate term.
Senate Members:
The Honorable Stephen D. Newman, Chairman, Senate Committee on Education and Health
The Honorable Siobhan S. Dunnavant
The Honorable David R. Suetterlein
The Honorable George L. Barker
The Honorable L. Louise Lucas
Membership and Term Information:
Max # House: 5 Appointment Coincident With House Term? YES
Max # Senate: 5 Appointment Coincident With Senate Term? YES
Max # Citizens: 0
Max # Ex Officio: 0
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